State Testing Necessities – For the Students

During my last blog post, I discussed state testing necessities for me as the teacher.  Today I’m going to discuss what the students need in order for the testing to be successful.

Structure –

Each student was assigned a desk for the testing period.  (I’m an inclusion teacher who only pulls out a few times in the week.  They don’t typically have an assigned desk in my room.)  There was no fighting over where they were going to sit during the testing.

I also had a behavior sheet that I kept track of their behavior.  The first day was a little rough because a few wanted to test me.  By the fourth day of testing, they understood I wasn’t playing with them.

I ended not having to call any parents because the behaviors were not too bad.  It was usually the ADHD impulsitivity behaviors like getting up to throw away trash.  The trash cans were moved closer to them to eliminate those behaviors.

Testing Bags –

Each student was given a testing bag.  I put a pencil, peppermints, tissues, and dollar store headphones in the bag.  Every morning, I would put the bags on their desk with a few more mints.  Once it was time to transition back to class, they would have to clean up their area and put all the stuff back in their bags.  The bags were then put in a small crate on my testing table.

You should have heard the ohs and ahs and excited chitter chatter about the items in the bag.  They were excited about the headphones and tissues because they had inspirational quotes on the packaging.

Reward System –

Usually our school does what we call RAMS bucks for positive behavior.  Their names get put into a drawing for a brag tag.  State testing is on another level for me so I needed to bring in the big “guns.”  I need to have more to motivate the students to do their best on the test.

Every day they would get their name put on the board if they did not get any marks on the behavior sheet.  They got a special prize for having positive behavior during testing.

During the testing, I would randomly walk around and give them a sucker if they were focused on their test.  It was an immediate way for them to know “You are doing a great job.  Keep it up.”

Do what works for you.  This is what worked for me.

Positive Messages – 

I’ll go more into this topic in a future blog post.  All I’ll say is one student did not like it while the other students loved it.

Snacks –

I got a HUGE container of animal crackers.  After they were done testing, they were allowed to have a handful of them.  However a few students decided they needed to travel with the animal crackers and make a mess all over the school.  Next time they will be an in the room only snack.

Do Not Disturb Sign – 

I have one of those on my door.  However because I have a little alcove right outside my room, a lot of students do not see that sign.  I sometimes have to walk outside with my finger on my lips to remind students to be quiet.  The only problem with me doing that is students want to say hi to me.

Join me next time for a blog post about positive messages and the impact they had on one student.

Until next time, Happy teaching,


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