This Year

April 2017 – My principal came to my room to evaluate me for the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES).  During the time she was in my room, she observed me working one on one with a student on my caseload.  When she walked out of my room, she was impressed with me.  She saw me in a different light.

So she wanted to work on my strengths which is working with students in a small group or individually rather than have me in a classroom.

Last year school year, I was slated to have a position of resource room.  I had students assigned to me.  By Thursday of the same week I was given the list of the students, my position was changed to inclusion teacher.  I spent all of last year in an English Language Arts and social studies class.  Even though I had 65% of the students I worked show increases in their reading, it was not the best fit for me.

This year, we hired another Intervention Specialist so that I could be the Resource Room teacher.  I work with some of the same students I did last year since they are fifth graders.  The majority of the students are “excited” and happy that I am continuing to help them with their IEP goals and objectives.  They remember some of the lessons I taught them last year when we did come down to my room/ office for intervention.

Some of the fourth graders were apprehensive when I took them to my room for the first time.  However they are now more than willing to come to my room even though it means they are still working.  I have a few that don’t really want to come down to the Resource room.  I don’t think it really has to do with me.  It’s because of social reasons.

So what do I do while they are in the resource room?

A little of everything – Reading fluency, phonological awareness, phonics, reading comprehension, math calculation, word problems, and writing.  As I said, a little of everything.

I’ll share where I get my resources in future posts.  I have taught in a resource room for the majority of my career so it’s something that I feel that I can be effective in assisting students become more academic proficient.

Happy teaching,


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