Sight Word Intervention

There is much debate on the importance of reading sight words in isolation.  Should students being doing that or should they be reading them in phrases?

When you have insecure readers, sometimes the best thing is to have them read the words in isolation first.  Build up their confidence THEN have them start reading the words in phrases.  Then in sentences and finally in passages.

I have multiple insecure readers in my resource room.  Flashcards on index cards frustrate them.  So how can I make them not be so frustrated?

Making a Google slideshow or Power Point slideshow with one word per slide.  They love it because it’s on the computer.  (I’ve hooked up one of the Google slideshows that I’ve created of  words from the Pre-primer list.)

Where do I find the word lists online?  There are 3 places I can find sight words. is an excellent website because it has lists of the words, flashcards, and ways to teach sight words.  It has both the Dolch sight word list and the Fry sight word list.

Another great resource is  She provides all of the Dolch sight words.  What I enjoy about this resource is the fact that she also provides Dolch sight word phrases.  So once I’ve worked on their confidence, I’ll begin making Google slideshows with the phrases.

The third place is Cando’s Helper.  This one focuses on the Fry word lists.  He has different activities for the Fry lists.  Warning:  This website has not been updated in 6 years so you might want to “snatch” some of the resources and save them for later.

How do I assess the students or keep their progress?

Data is the key to education.  So how do I know that this intervention is effective?  You can print the slides on Google slides without the background and with multiple slides per page.  By each word, you can put the date of the assessment.  You put a plus sign by the words they read correctly, a minus sign by the words they read incorrectly, and a circled minus sign by the words they self-corrected.

This is effective if you going to have them read the words multiple times.  Once they have mastered the words, move on.  Spiral back from time to time to assure they really do know the word.

On Mrs. Perkin’s site, you can print the a pretest/ posttest sheet.  Highlight the words you tested and then use the plus, minus, and circled minus sign coding.  Date it.

I hope these ideas help you.  I only spend about 5 minutes during intervention times to review the sight words.  I don’t want to make it the focus.  I rather have more authentic uses of sight words such as having them reading books/ passages on their instructional level.  My reasoning for the sight word intervention is to make them feel more secure with reading.

Many of them have felt frustrated with reading.

I hope this helps you.

Happy teaching,


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