Sight Word Bowling

I have many students who struggle with reading basic sight words.  I previously wrote a post about one sight word intervention that I have used with the students.

Then I decided to go back to what I did back in the day.  In one of my books from my first year of teaching was a game called Sight Word Bowling.  I wrote the words on bowling pin clip art.  After I laminated the words, I cut out the bowling pin shapes.  I put those words in a big manila envelope that I taped onto the wall of my office.

I also had a bowling score sheet that  I used while we were playing the game.  The students loved it.

Since I’ve brought it back, my struggling students are now learning sight words without realizing they are learning.

When I created an updated version of the game, I looked up the Dolch sight words by frequency and grade.  Since there are 220 words, I divided the Dolch list in half.  Now I have 2 different games, a more basic level and then a more advanced level.

The basic level has all words from the pre-primer level and primer level.  It also has some of the words from the first grade level.  The advanced level has the remainder of the words from the first grade level.  It also has all the words from the second grade and third grade lists.

Once I divided the words into two different levels, I decided there was going to be 11 words per point value.  The point values range from one to ten.  The more frequent words are worth 1 points while the less frequent words are worth 10 points.

For my students I put the words on blank flash cards (orange for the basic and blue for the advanced).  Then I put the cards in a container.  We pull out the cards one at a time.  They read the word.  If it’s correct, they get the word and points.  I give them 2 chances to read the words.  We play 10 rounds.  Then they waited with baited breath as I total up the words.

For you, I typed up the words where you can cut them out and glue them on index cards so they are more durable.  Click on the photo for the link to the words.  (This is only the basic level.)

Screenshot (9)

Here is also a list of all of the words and all the point values.  The different colors represent the different lists starting with the pre-primer to the third grade list.

Screenshot (10)

I used to do a score sheet but now I just used the values on the cards.  However if you would like a printable score sheet, I found this one.

One of my students was doing the math of how many points he earned while we playing the game.  Love it.

Happy teaching,



P.S.  I got the bowling ball clip art from Bee Creative Cliparts


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