My Final Observation of the 2018 – 2019 SY

A few weeks ago, I had my final observation for the 2018 – 2019 school year. It was a make up day for testing. Fortunately I did not have any tests to make up on that day so I had a sort of normal schedule.

During our state and district testing, I did not have the students do any worksheets. All of our learning was done with games.

So when my principal came in to observe me, we were playing an inference game. They had to make inferences from a picture. There were 3 questions on each task card. I was only requiring them to answer the first question. Then I would give me the reason why they made that inference.

Our district has been implementing the Thoughtful Classroom framework this year. One of the tools in the books is called Because. Because causes the students to explain their answer.

I was using the Because tool but in a less formal manner.

I was also using an app for the dice. I’ll explain about the app in another blog post.

During the observation, she noticed there was respect between both me and all the students. They were engaged while reviewing how to make inferences.

Last Thursday, I had my final performance review conference for the 2018 – 2019 school year. She has a form to fill out about different areas of teaching like resources, assessment, and lesson planning. Actually there is more areas then just those 3. She first rates the areas as either Ineffective, Developing, Skilled, or Accomplished. Then she writes a narrative about the area.

All but one area were skilled. I actually got an accomplished on resources.

She wants to keep me where I’m at and to start to talk more about what resources I use to engage and provide intervention for the students with disabilities. I’ve decided I need to blog more than I have so that I can list some of the resources I use in my room. That way if I forget some of the resources I can refer back to the blog post.

I was hired to do a sort of intervention resource room back in 2000. Throughout the years I have done a combination of resource room/ inclusion with last year being strictly inclusion. I feel as though resource room is my forte’. I love working with students one on one while helping them academically.

Happy teaching,

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