I DARE you to revise your writing

Revision is hard for students and even adults. We think our writing is perfect when really it could use some tuning up. If we thought of revision as decorating our room or house, maybe the dreaded feeling when it comes to revising may feel less daunting.

So what is DARE and how can you use it when you are writing?

D – Delete any unnecessary information – Think to yourself: do I really need that information in my writing?

A – Add transition words, details, and voice to your writing.

R – Rearrange your writing so that it is in logical order: first, second, third . . . last.

E – Exchange weak words for stronger words. (Brings out the details and voice. Get rid of those “dead” words that keep being used over.)

The best tip I’ve heard is to have someone else read your writing to you. You’ll catch mistakes and revisions you want to make to your writing.

Happy teaching,